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For improving our testing team's ability and technology, we have adopted many measures during the past years, one of the successful cases is learning and using advanced software automated testing tools and testing procedure management tools in one project.


This client is from Hertfordshire in UK, the project is an application for the government. It includes two parts, background program and foreground program. The former one is win program, the latter one is website. The product's quality must be ensured by us, at the same time, we should catch client's pace during the whole development life cycle. Manual testing's shortcomings appear more and more obvious. Furthermore, it's difficult and even ineffective to complete a good testing performance relying on manually testing only. So, the client requested us to test using a better approach – combine the automated and manual testing.
imageSo, we considered these following questions in advance:
  • How to complete testing task more effectively?
  • How to give the customer higher quality?
  • How to manage testing procedure more effectively?


imageAt first, we chose appropriate and advanced tools.

 For functional and regression testing, we chose Quick Test Professional. For performance testing, we adopted LoadRunner. For testing process management, we chose a series of tools, such Mantis, TestLink, and so on.

imageThen, according to testers' ability and experience

the manager allocated each tool to testers to learn about it and held many inner training at regular intervals. Several weeks later, not only automated testing idea has been acknowledged by all of us but also every tester can use these tools appropriately.

imageSoon, all of these tools were in use for our testing tasks.

QTP helped us to conduct functional testing effectively. Although we spent some time writing script for it before test execution, it saved much time and fitted client's fast-pace completely.

imageWe have used LR to do performance testing,

load and stress testing for many projects. The accurate result and effective analysis reports satisfied our clients' expectations.

We use testing procedure management tools to ensure that we can successfully complete testing tasks in time.


  • Improve testing efficiency
  • Ensure products bug free
  • Manage testing procedure more effective
  • Write and manage various kinds of testing documents easily
  • Save customer's cost further

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