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A US based company engaged Nova to generate a performance test report about their project. We help them find performance bottlenecks and reasons caused these bottlenecks.


imageThis company produced a learning management system.

 The project also included people management, learning content management, assignment management, analysis results, etc. This project had developed several years and its codes and logics were more complex with development. Project based on C#, SQL Server and used too many stored procedures to query, calculate, and filter data.

imageThis company got many feedbacks about this project

such as long response time in everywhere of the system, system threw a timeout exception with not too much data, feel bad about user experience, etc. Performance issues made troubles to their clients, so they decided to find out and fix related performance problems such as where load with long time, where throw a timeout exception, where should improve the speed, etc.


imageBuild test environment

After enough communications, Nova made test preparation. Nova built an appropriate performance test environment (client and server) that simulated the clients', and generated a quantity of test data requested from this client.

imageIdentify key issues

Since client wanted to know the application's response time and find out bottlenecks, testers listed the time of every general action, conditions of actions, and made different acceptable time of these actions.

imageAnalyze operation log

Some actions that needed longer response time than their acceptable time were filtered from the whole list. Testers used SQL Server Profiler to track the stored procedures that used by these time-consuming actions. Testers analyzed the track logs and found some stored procedures ran several times per one action, and some stored procedures took much time to run completely.

imageProvide test report

Performance test report and suggestions provided by Nova helped our client find out the performance problems and improve project to be an acceptable project.

Project summary

This cooperation with Nova has further optimized and upgraded the customer's project, not only clarifying the development logic and architecture of the original system, but also improving it. At the same time, the root cause of the original system performance problem was found, and the user experience was comprehensively improved.

Benefits to the Client

In virtue of iterative development we adopted, the high risks were mitigated at the early stage of development lifecycle.

Project has a acceptable quality and user experience.


Further reduce customer project management costs


Let customers obtain higher project income

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