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As the social networks become more and more popular on the Internet, there are more and more people will use this website in future. So the client was very conscious of the importance of system's performance when they developed it. But how they should test its performance? What should be prepared in advance? How can they decide the bottleneck of system through analyzing testing results? The client engaged nova testing team to do this.


After much investigation and consideration, we decided to use an excellent automated testing tool, LoadRunner for performance testing. According with a performance testing plan, we executed test and analyzed testing results like follows, and finally, we found the bottleneck of the system to help developer improve program.
imageStep1. Summary report of 80 running users on Windows XP System
analysis summary

Picture 1 Summary Report

We can see from the picture all the transactions are successful, so we can believe that we can trust the test result.

imageStep2. Running Vusers – Average Transaction Response
running vusers

Picture 2 Running Vusers – Average Transaction Response

From picture2, we can see that when the number of the users increases from 0 to20, the time of transactions is very stabilization. When the number of the Vusers increase from 20 to 125 the time of the transactions increases quickly. We also can see that the transaction "Lifepiece" has nearly no impact on the system. The response time of "LoadSocialNetwork" and "Login" are always very long especially "Loading SocialNetwork".
So we can conclude that:

  • 20 Vusers is the inflexion of the system.
  • The transaction "Loading SocialNetwork" is the worst transaction.
  • When the number of Vusers is 120, the response time become larger than 10.
imageStep3. Transaction Response Time (Percentile)
transaction response time

Picture 3 Transaction Response Time (Percentile)

We can see from the picture the response time of all the transactions are between 0 and 14, this is acceptable for the users.

imageStep4. Windows Resources – Running Vusers
windows resources

Picture 4 Windows Resources – Running Vusers

We can see from the picture that when the number of the Vusers is 110, the CPU of the application server has arrived 75%.

imageStep5. Analysis of testing results

Through observing and analyzing above results, we can conclude that the CPU of the application server is the bottleneck of the system. And it is one of the reasons why the time of the transactions becomes long.


imageImprove work efficiency

Through locating the bottleneck of the system, it can help the client to improving program.

imageDevelop core business

In virtue of our assistance client had focused resources on its core business.

imageCost reduction

Client had lowered the human cost and products' risk.

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