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An American based IT company entrusted us with developing and testing a software product. The goal of test is to provide a useable product with least bugs at each release, so we introduce the test automation technology, and run the automation test script everyday when get off work. With the help of the test automation, we can achieve our goal easily.


imageCustomer information

The client is an American based leading consulting and solutions expert in software providing, migration, and maintenance. And they hope they can provide a workflow software and workflow consulting to accelerate routine productivity.

imageCustomer demands

The initial testing challenge Nova tester faced was to understand how this workflow software works and which modules are crucial when delivered on a commercial scale. As the main functions were used frequently by user, so we must make sure they work correctly and test other modules as much as possible.


At first we find out the modules which used mostly, then make a checklist, generate the auto test script, with the help of the daily built, we can run these auto test script and get the result next morning. In this way we can check if these import modules work in the right way, and fix problem as soon as possible. At the same time, it saves us a lot of time, so we have more time to check other modules and complex logic.

Benefits to the Client

The auto test and daily built have greatly improved our test efficient, so we have more time to do the manual test to find these complicate bugs. We have helped the client to enhanced the stability of the software, and make sure we can release each version at the right time and with least bugs.

Why Nova


The developers have rich project experience and can better complete the assigned development work.


Nova is a professional software development company with standardized project service experience.


Comparing with local related development, the client saved 60%.

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