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A UK based company entrusted us to test this project. It's a web application for government to collect data and calculate them to prioritize all the tasks.


imageCustomer information

This client is from Hertfordshire in UK, the project is an application for the government. In fact, it includes two parts: web site for data collection and presentation purpose, in parallel a windows application for administers purpose. Our task is ensuring the quality of the web application, includes many aspects, such as function correctness, performance acceptable, UI appropriate, and so on. Moreover, for testing function, we had to use the windows application to edit users, services and other data.

imageCustomer demands

The client only gave us the software requirement specification and the applications tested, there wasn't any test plan, test strategy, test cases, even test termination criterion. On the one hand, we had to spend much time in communicating with client to make clearly about some important points; on the other hand, we had to get familiar with the application via operating it and reading requirements.

Then, how to improve the efficiency of regression test?


After getting familiar with the web application, we designed test plan and test strategy to define the test scope, test time schedule, test types, test tools, and so on. When the client reviewed them, we started to design test cases, because good test cases are very important for testing, in addition, there are many aspects included in web testing, we spent much more time to do these. Speaking specifically, we have executed these kinds of tests as follow to ensure the quality of application:
imageFunctional test

Function is the basis of one successful application, so it's very important. About this web application, there were four aspects included in it, they are:

  • Link test

Ensured the destination page through clicking hyperlink was correct; ensured the destination page was existent; ensured there wasn't any isolated page.

  • Data test

Ensured these data which were restored in database is correct; ensured the result through calculating by program was correct.

  • Cookies test

Test whether cookies were saved correctly, whether cookies could work well; whether refresh would affect cookies.

  • Form test

Test the competence and correctness via contrasting with SRS.

Most part of functional test was executed by manually test; regression test was executed automatically by using QTP.

imagePerformance test

We executed performance test by using LoadRunner, it's one of the most performance testing tools. There were several aspects to be tested, such as the rapid of link test, loading test, stress test. We found that the performance bottleneck of the web application was the procession method of sheets, there were many cells in one sheet, the calculation in each cell was very complicated, so it would spend much time when generated the front page. After locating the bottleneck, we reported it to the client and gave the appropriate resolution to him. Finally, it goes well.

imageUI test

Through testing, we ensured that the web application complied with windows standards, the interface had elegant appearance, all messages were friendly and promptly, there wasn't any spelling mistake, and so on.

imageCompatibility test

According the requirement, we executed compatibility test by using IE6, IE7 and Mozilla Firefox.

imageSecurity test

For ensuring safety, we executed cookies test, SQL injection test, entering one inner page without login, and so on.

Benefits to the Client

  • Ensure all functions of the web application are correct.
  • 2Help the client improve its performance;
  • 3Let these web pages have better interface;
  • 4Ensure the website is safe;
  • 5Save the client's cost.

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