Off-shore Development Center

Build an off-shore staff center by engaging a full-time basis team, or fixed cost project or on hourly basis. Nova provide resources you can have an extended team. Nova have a large talent pool of skilled developers and QA testers, UI/UX.

What is OSC?

Some of our clients have research and development force and they can sort out clear requirements or even create a design, however, because of lacking sufficient developers, they will need an OSC (Offshore Staffing Center) to provide them with independent developers. While working with OSC, these clients themselves will act as project manager or architect. They will assign separate tasks to Nova's developers, fully control the project process and require these developers to report daily work progress to them. Nova uses Agile as the main development methodology.

How to build an OSC?

  1. Understand clients' requirements as for about technologies, work experience etc.
  2. Nova recommends suitable developers and provides their CVs for clients' preliminary review.
  3. If the client is interested in the candidates, then the candidates will work on real tasks for a trial period, usually one week. In this way, clients can examine the true capability before committing to any contracts.
  4. Enter into service contract.

OSC features


Clients can flexibly adjust resource numbers and working time according to their changing needs.

Easy to control

Clients can easily find out what the developers are doing with developers' daily work reports and live chats on IM.


Nova provides complete career development scheme and attractive benefit package, which enable our developers want to stay with Nova for a long time

Cost Saving

Clients save the cost of project management and design.

Quality Assurance

We have set high quality levels and ensure that the designs pass through rigorous checks for better user experience.

Direct Access

You'll get the name, email address and Skype ID of your project manager and developer who are in charge of your project. 

Our Services

We provide exclusive services for your business
Web Development
Nova Software is a leading Web Development Company in China. We provide professional Offshore Web Application Development to clients all over the world. Since 2005, Nova Software has been helping many leading companies achieve their commercial goals they aim at online.
Mobile App Development
As experts in mobile application development, we have developed many successful apps for different industries. Our aim is to deliver custom, cost-effective and high-performance mobile applications for clients with the hope that we can bring true values to their business.
Product Development
Nova Software has a well-defined and mature product development process which comprises the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) from business case analysis to warranty support of the product.
Our business analyst will be able to assist you in translating your business logic into professional technical requirements specification.
Our testing service will minimize the cost of customer support - and maximize the customer satisfaction by catching and fixing all bugs and defects prior to your software goes to final consumers.
As our eCommerce developers have extensive experience with nopCommerce, Java Springboot, Kentico and Sitefinity, we know their respective advantages and we know how to build the best and most appropriate web shop for you.

Technology Stack We Use

Our dedicated developers provide you the quality you need and the flexibility you want using the following tech stacks
.net core
Mobile app
android studio
Java Springboot


Answering popular questions about Offshore Staffing Center services.
How much does your developer cost?

The rates of Nova's developers are determined by their capabilities. We can promise that our rates are the most reasonable and competitive in the market. There is a wide range of our rates and the floor rate is $15 per hour.

What happens if the developer is off sick?
  • Every developer enjoys one-day vacation per month. 
  • If the developer takes off more than 1 day in one month (off sick or other matters), then we will deduct the daily cost and remedy you accordingly.
What happens if the developer leaves the team?
  • If a developer has to leave the team due to various reasons after he took part in the development, Nova will offer at least 1-week for   knowledge transferring for free. 
  • During this week, the successor will work with the current developer and familiarize the working process, project architecture and different technologies which are specifically required by the project. 
  • After we make sure the new developer can fully take over the responsibility, we will formally announce him joining the team.
How can I know the progress of the project?
  • The team sends daily and weekly reports to the client, and also communicates instantly with the client to share the progress and quality of the project.
  • Once risks to the project are identified, the team will inform client and contingency plans are provided.
How to ensure the stability and flexibility of the team?
  •  All employees of Nova are recruited with a bachelor's degree or higher in China and are fully interviewed before being hired to ensure they meet the required competencies.
  • We offer employees a salary that exceeds the market average, provide a good office environment and benefits, and organize team building to help employees improve their work efficiency and reduce  unnecessary overtime work, so employee loyalty is very high and turnover is low.
  • If the staff quit the team due to the resignation, Nova provides a free handover period to minimize the loss to the client.
  • Clients can flexibly add or remove team members to maintain the team at the most appropriate size, as long as they request it in advance.
  • If the client is not satisfied with the team members, he/she can also bring it up, and Nova will arrange a replacement in time.
How do you guarantee my intellectual property rights?
  • Nova's employees have all signed a confidentiality agreement to keep all contents of the client's code, business requirements, and business data strictly confidential.
  • Nova takes its reputation and the interests of its clients very seriously and strengthens the management of its employees.
  • Since its establishment in 2005, we have worked with numerous clients and have not had any intellectual property disputes.

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